Hi friends, welcome to the newsletter. Welcome to my personal selects bin.

My name is Anthony D Frederick.

I’m an editor, writer, and director who has helped build multiple successful Youtube shows (BuzzFeed Unsolved, Puppet History, Dish Granted, Ghost Files) over the last 7 years. Now, I am beginning a whole new cycle of evolution as a creative, and I'm inviting you to be a part of the journey.

In addition to my time spent embedded in the world of unscripted Youtube shows, I've worked in commercials, corporate videography, documentary, music videos, films, even experimental art installations.

I've focused on the discipline of editing more than any other through my 15+ year career so far for several reasons, but mainly this:

The fundamentals of editing turn out to be fundamental to virtually every other craft you can think of.

As such, in my reverant opinion, it is a craft with far greater function and utility than our current "content creation" ecosystem has reduced it to.

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If you'd like to learn with me to master and share your own skills, check out our community: CUTTING INSTINCTS.

Always more to come.

Much love.